Citizen Of Your World Campaign:

This is a campaign that aims to bring awareness to the people who are forgotten. We at Citizen Of Your World think that no voice is, nor should be, louder than another when it comes to being heard.

We have witnessed an over-saturation of media to important global issues that has caused individuals to disconnect from the people who are suffering around the world. This campaign aims at rebuilding the lost link of care and empathy between the people who are affected by unseen daily struggles and those who are watching.

We are actively looking for volunteers to help this campaign grow. We are looking for writers, actors, videographers, photographers, singers and more. If you have any ideas in mind or are simply interested in helping launch this project, please send us an email at citizenofyourworld@gmail.com to start a conversation with us.

We hope to talk with you soon,

The team at Citizen Of Your World


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